Bundaberg Rum: Bartender Trip

A weekend of discovery for 25 of Australia’s best bartenders at the home of Bundaberg Rum.

A weekend of discovery for 25 of Australia’s best bartenders at the home of Bundaberg Rum.

The Challenge

Change perceptions of Bundaberg Rum within trend leading venues across Australia.


An invite only experience that included; Bundaberg ‘Heartland Experience’, farm tours, rum blending workshop, cooking with Bundaberg dinner, distillery tour and launch of 130th anniversary liquid.

The Detail

Diageo wanted to shift perceptions of Bundaberg rum in the on trade and show top tier bartenders the world beyond Bundaberg UP Rum, the brand’s original product.

After hosting our national training conference in Bundaberg, we were inspired by the region – not only does it provide 40% of Australia’s fresh produce but Bundaberg rum remains a single estate distillery – sourcing local sugar cane right through to producing and aging all of the liquids on site. If we were to effect change and create lifelong advocates, we needed to share this world.

We designed an invite only weekend to showcase the wider Bundaberg portfolio in its regional setting. 25 bartenders experienced Bundaberg Heartland in its true glory, taking part in farm tours with local farmers to highlight the region’s deep red volcanic soil and sugar harvest. With a private distillery tour culminating in the intimate launch of the special release 130th anniversary liquid, and a 4-course dinner that used locally sourced ingredients paired Bundaberg cocktails.

Finally, the weekend finished with a rum blending workshop where all 25 bartenders were able to make their own signature Bundaberg blend, complete with bespoke labels.

“Absolutely amazing couple of days, congratulations on the content and execution” James Herd – The Dolphin and Icebergs


• Bartenders gained a new appreciation of Bundaberg rum, and its wider portfolio of spirits.

• New Bundaberg serves were added to bar menus to incorporate their signature blend, with knowledge and home-grown appreciation passed down through the ranks!

• 25 top Australian bars now serve their own signature Bundaberg Rum blend.