Haig Club House Party

A night of music, style and ​'Make Your Own Rules​' cocktails with Haig Club Whisky.

A night of music, style and ​'Make Your Own Rules​' cocktails with Haig Club Whisky.

The Challenge

Host the ultimate house party – Haig Club style. Creating a not-to-be-missed experience, in a converted Soho townhouse, that showcased Haig Club cocktails to a new group of consumers.

The Detail

We took over a converted townhouse in Soho to create a stylish and truly special setting that over the course of 10 days would host the ultimate house party each night. On arrival guests were welcomed by our House residents, S&C hosts who’s role was to mingle with the guests and guide them through the evening. First up, guests kicked back in the lounge, sipping a Haig Club, Orange and Tonic and where they could request their favourite tracks from a band playing everything from new-jazz to afro-beat and house.

Then it was on to the Dining Room where guests were guided by our expert mixologist to personalise their own New Old Fashioned. A communal table styled with luxury bitters and garnishes gave a subtle nod to house party traditions.

Lastly guests discovered The Kitchen – our late night party room. DJ’s spun fresh tunes as our mixologists concocted fresh cocktails at the Haig Espresso Martini Bar.

The man himself, David Beckham, even popped by to enjoy a Haig Club ‘New Old Fashioned’.


From the concept, to the styling, bar set up and management we created an experience that would look, sound, feel and taste good – sparking curiosity and consumer engagement from the minute they entered the door.

•  1 London Location

•  10 Nights

•  2,000 guests

•  14,000 drinks

•  1 David Beckham