Tanqueray No. TEN

Signature serves that celebrate the citrus heart of Tanqueray No. TEN

Signature serves that celebrate the citrus heart of Tanqueray No. TEN

The Challenge

Sweet&Chilli were tasked with building upon Tanqueray No. TEN’s new creative campaign ‘Alive with Freshness’ to on trade application. Starting with a serve strategy of reimagined gin classics with Tanqueray No. TEN at their heart.

The Detail

We were briefed with creating a premium toolkit for the GB on-trade, bringing to life the liquid credentials through education and visibility, making Tanqueray No. TEN the gin of choice for both consumers and bartenders.

The recipe for distilling Tanqueray No. TEN includes whole, ripe grapefruits, juicy oranges, zesty limes and fresh chamomile flowers. These ingredients make Tanqueray No. TEN a uniquely balanced gin, that has an enlivening and fresh taste with a smooth finish.

We took this unique flavour profile as our inspiration to rework classic gin favourites. We created an innovative relaunch strategy including serves, recipes, engagement tools, activation guidelines, menu designs and visibility assets that join the powerful brand story and amazing flavours of Tanqueray No. TEN with fresh, future-thinking concepts, to excite and resonate with new and existing customers.

We designed key elements and tools that will enable the ability to drive liquid and serve education, building advocacy amongst bartenders and key accounts.


This serve strategy will be rolled out nationwide, to accelerate brand growth and development, enabling Tanqueray No. TEN to build a long lasting and evolving affinity with the on-trade.